Documenting every moment so you can be present on the day of your wedding.

The who, what, why of content creation for weddings.

Content Creators at weddings. Its a trending topic right now. If you are planning a wedding and are on social media chance are you have heard of this, and if you havent heard of it will be.

So we want to be here to help you better understand what wedding content creators are and if you should have one at your wedding.

  • Who: A content creator is not a replacement for your photographer or videographer, but instead an extension. Photo/Video is there to capture the everlasting & polished content whereas the content creator is there to capture the raw moments in the here & now.

    • What: Wedding content creation is basically capturing your wedding day in bite sized short form photos and reels. Content can be posted in real time to social media as well as provided in a content folder right after the wedding. It allows you to post raw and authentic "behind the scenes" right after your wedding.

    • Why: Just as photo and video are not the same, content creation is another unique perspective to your wedding day. It is kind of like if you were able to compile all of your guests' smartphone videos into one place, and the videos actually looked good!

Is a Wedding Content Creator for Me?

Good question.

Most of our couples tell us they don't have a need for a content creator after they book with us. Why is that?

It is because the Bella Tiamo Films approach to wedding films is very different than most of those in the industry. Yes, we want to give you an amazing film. Something that takes time to craft and will live on for years and years! But we also love satisfying the "Instant Gratification" that couples are looking for.

Your wedding day just don't want to have to wait months to share something, and we don't want you to have to wait either.

We have always been very quick to provide our couples with content right after their wedding (If not the DAY OF THEIR WEDDING) We can also create vertical reels of your key moments and highlights.

For those couples though that want to take things to a whole other level. A content creator is perfect for you! Adding a content creator allows for more clips, more moments, and faster turnarounds not possible with high end cameras.

If you have decided to hire a content creator make sure you do it with us. The partnership of raw smartphone footage with our high end quality footage will be unmatched.

Bella Tiamo Films blew us away with the video he made for our wedding. We wanted to capture our special day with everyone on video. He was able to capture everything we asked for and made the video in our style we liked. Travis, Emily, and Chris were with us the entire day and were prepared for our schedule. We are so proud to show off our video and to have it for years to come.


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